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SRT靈性反應療法(Spiritual Response Therapy, SRT)是由美國的Cameron博士與Robert牧師共同創建,是一套強而有力,準確清除靈魂紀錄的靈性療癒方法。幫助你找出、清除影響阻礙我們擁有一個健康、成功與豐盛的人生因素。


靈性反應療法可面對面治療,也提供線上遠距離的方式進行,將結果以電子郵件 or 書面紙本方式郵局寄送,提供安全與尊重隱私的權利。靈性反應療法亦可為你所愛的人在不知情的情況下進行治療,但這需要執行者先與靈魂進行溝通,確認靈魂的意願及獲取他的同意。 「這是一個尋找前意識與靈魂紀錄的有效系統,會很快的找到並釋放不和諧、有限制的程式,然後代以充滿愛與支持力的創意與信念。靈性反應療法提供了我們生活中一個準確、充滿力量的、無痛的外在與內心的天地。」



+ 關係 


+ 潛意識障礙 財富障礙、事業發展、成功心態、健康問題

+ 成癮症況 上癮症、濫用藥物、控制欲、暴飲暴食、強迫症

+ 情緒心理 憂鬱症、恐慌症、躁鬱症、不安全感

+ 改變自己 執著、懼高症、易怒、自卑、玻璃心 


此介紹取自Robert Detzler(SRT首創人)及

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a dowsing technique that utilizes a pendulum and a series of charts that research a client’s soul records to find programs and patterns preventing you from living your best life. Once found and cleared, you can make room for love, abundance, and freedom! SRT was developed by Robert Detzler almost 30 years ago and has helped people in more than 50 countries. SRT Consultants have been working with people just like you who are searching for answers to life’s most profound questions!

SRT can help you discover your very best self by finding and clearing blocks on money, finding abundance, romance, dealing with grief, or helping you find ways to raise your energetic vibration in this new age of Ascension! Imagine someone hands you a book called “You” and in its pages are all your hopes and dreams as well as your challenges and heartaches. Now imagine that same person hands you an eraser and a pen and tells you to take out the parts you don’t prefer and only keep the best parts! Wouldn’t you want to sit down and get to work?

The practitioner will first do a Prep-to-Work, which prepares both you and your High Self for the clearing session, which usually takes a couple of minutes. After the Prep-to-Work, you and your Consultant will research your soul (Akashic) records to search for the blocks, programs, soul contracts and/or negative energies that are keeping you from living a better, healthier, and happier life. After the research is complete, we then ask our High Selves to help us clear these blocks and replace them with loving, supportive statements.

So often people find themselves “stuck” in self-defeating patterns. They want prosperity, but deep down do not feel worthy of success. Couples want rewarding relationships, but continue to attract relationships that are in conflict and strife. Many individuals want better health, but do not know how to achieve it. All too often, the reasons for these blocks come from the energy of the soul itself. Releasing these blocks on a soul level is what SRT is all about. It is a way to view ones spiritual response to experiences. Many wonderful success stories exist from people who have benefitted from SRT.

Have a quick question? You can also measure the level of positive and negative energy towards important decisions in your life. While this is not as comprehensive as a full clearing, this can help you understand what direction in your life your High Self is trying to guide you! 

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