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SpR (Spiritual Restructuring Therapy) 與SRT的原理類似,特別的是由於靈魂的內在狀態也會由外在得到顯化,也就是所謂「相由心生」的概念。SpR是通過物理性在肉體層面調整骨骼、肌肉、內臟、腺體、療癒脈輪和能場,找出並清理反映到肉體層面的深層靈魂程式或靈性傷口,幫助優化營養及健康,並幫助器官和腺體更好地溝通。


期間也可配合冥想釋放潛藏在身體內的情緒壓力。清理效果和力度相當於做SRT整體清理。 比較適合想要著重調理身體的人,或者在身體上某一個地方有常常莫名重複受傷,或久久不愈的狀況的人。


The method for SpR is quite similar to SRT, however, what’s special about it is that unlike SRT, SpR cleanses your programs by finding them out directly on your physical form (body) by adjusting and aligning the bones organs, glands, etc. During the process of SpR, you may find certain spots in your body’s been carrying programs or psychic wounds that’s been causing them not able to get well asap, or that these parts of your body tend to get physically ill much more frequently than other areas.


Therefore, SpR is great for those who would like to do a full clearing/healing that’s more focused on health issues.

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