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Reading / Mediumship 意為靈界信息閱讀/靈媒。通過連結你的高我與守護天使,從阿卡西紀錄中調取任何相關於你或親近家人的寶貴信息,途中也可能會有某些已逝家庭成員/祖先的加入,對於想要更進一步了解自我的提升現狀的朋友們是一個非常好的「新生活開啟方式」。 過程中可有目的性的連結指定指導靈或靈體(包括已逝親友),並詢問任何問題。亦或根據他們自己認為最需要傳遞給你的信息順序做溝通。




另外,根據吸引力法則,由於意識主導命運,經手過的個案有一些也有的狀況是對於自己的性格已經可以做到非常客觀的了解,但不知道如何改善,這時候可以連同指導靈/高我 的幫助下,進行潛意識陰影觀測(shadow work),找出潛意識根本恐懼/負面念頭,通過覺知改變的關鍵點所在來有效消除恐懼/負面能量。



Psychic Reading / Mediumship Direct reading is to get any helpful information for you from the SPIRIT / Akashic Record by connecting with your high self, guardian angels, or guides. During the process, it has been very common for passed ancestors / family members to show up and pass on some things that they feel is important for you to know.


It is a very effective way to seeing yourself and the world you are in in a new perspective in order to start a new life. You may also directly ask for connection with a certain spirit, or simply wait to see who has the most important thing to say to you and go with the flow.  Most of the time in my experience, the informations coming from the other side may often include things about diet, sleep, career, relationships, life purpose, potential gift and talents, self-identification, decisions, etc.


You may not worry about your privacy being intruded, for we will only be working with beings that are 100% from the light, there will be no judging energy involved. Your guides will only pass on the informations that is for your highest good and the highest good of the universe.

Since every outer aspect is mirrored accordingly to your inner self, I highly recommend if you already know objectively a lot of aspects about yourself, but don’t know how to adjust/improve them. We can gather the knowledge of your guides and high self to do some “Shadow Work” to clear the negativity and raise your vibration.


The reading can also be used for animals, please directly message me for more information.

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