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Tarot Reading 塔羅占卜 顧名思義用塔羅牌占卜。占卜並非「算命」,因為命運並非「天注定」,一切外在均由你的內在得到顯化。所有占卜都只是根據當前狀況推算最可能的發展方向以及利害關係,由於塔羅牌本身細微精緻的牌意設計,非常適合做心裡探討的工具,通過觀察個案內在感受來更全面的看待整個事件的性質。由風、火、水、土四大元素為根基的塔羅牌,從意識、行動、情感、物質四個層面幫助個案解釋並解決所面臨的問題。

Since the outer world is nothing but a mirror to your inner world, any kind of psychic reading is just a way of discovering the potential outcome according to your current state. However, because the way tarot cards were designed in the first place, it can evaluate things in a very detailed way, and is very good for self-exploring, illustrating a relationship with someone, and the energy of all parties involved during business or collaboration. Based on the basic four basic elements (wind, fire, water, and earth) that form Tarot and the entire universe, it allows you to see things from accordant aspects of the mind, action, emotion, and materials. 

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